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Where pictures do the talking.... a thousand words at a time.

To me a picture is more than a piece of paper with an image on it. It is a part of that select person’s history. It is that moment in time where a dream could come true. It is a moment in time that every person has dreamt about since childhood. It comes in many forms. It is that little leaguer getting that first hit in a game or The football player making the game winning catch or the racer winning a championship or the car enthusiast who has spent years restoring that old car and rolling it out for a show that first time or It is that wedding that just seems perfect.

This is my world and your chance to look into it as I see it through the lens of my camera. I believe that the most important aspect of a photograph is the ability to make people happy. I believe it is important for a picture to bring a feeling of pride, or joy, or love to the viewer. If a picture can capture and distribute those feelings to the viewers, then that truly is a picture worth a thousand words. I want to capture that moment for you and let that moment live on forever.

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